Swimming Pool After Sales Service from Harlequin Pools

With Harlequin, you can be assured of continuous and comprehensive after sales and maintenance services to all our new pool or renovated pool customers.

For many of our clients, we provide all the swimming pool services they need, from regular pool cleaning and servicing, through to spring commissioning and preparation for winter. We are able to provide a high level of after sales service because our knowledgeable, qualified and friendly staff are well trained, and have worked for Harlequin for many years.

After sales for new swimming pool installations

Our exceptional after sales service begins the moment our project manager has signed off your new pool. Our team will give you lessons on swimming pool operation, so you know exactly how to use the equipment for your new swimming pool.

Ozone: an ozone gas water system is a remarkably effective means of destroying bacteria in your pool water whilst drastically reducing the amount of chlorine required.

Personalised swimming pool service contracts

Just like our bespoke approach to swimming pool construction, we realise there is no "one size fits all" solution for swimming pool servicing either. So, for every pool and every client, we create a personalised servicing agreement, that covers the services you need at the times when you need them. If you want us to come every week to clean and maintain your pool, that's no problem. If you prefer to us to arrive once a month, that's also okay. Remember, our engineers can also come out on emergency callouts for those unexpected breakdowns, or just to give it a special clean for a special occasion!

Commissioning and winterising for outdoor pools

Probably our most popular after care services are commissioning outdoor swimming pools at the beginning of the season, and preparing them for winter at the end. Our engineers are highly experienced in preparing your swimming pool and all associated equipment for the first swim of the season, so that your pool is working perfectly from the first dip. Equally, as specialists in pool winterising services for southern England, our engineers are experts in protecting your pool over the winter months in Hampshire and Surrey, Berkshire, and Wiltshire borders.

Water testing and pool chemical advice

One aspect of swimming pool and ownership that new clients often worry over is the correct use of swimming pool chemicals and accurate ways to test the water quality. Harlequin offer a free water testing service, and our swimming pool experts will be happy to advise you on the correct use of swimming pool chemicals to maintain your water in optimum condition. We even offer free delivery of pool chemical supplies to your home; call us for details on 01962 774004.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Water Treatments

Keeping your swimming pool water clean and hygienic doesn’t have to involve large amounts of chlorine. There are alternatives now available that involve less stringent chemical intervention. Our range of eco-friendly swimming pool water systems include:

Ozone: an ozone gas water system is a remarkably effective means of destroying bacteria in your pool water whilst drastically reducing the amount of chlorine required.

Ultra-Violet (UV) Systems: UV water cleaning systems work by exposing the micro-organisms in your swimming pool water to UV light, which eradicates them.

For full details of our after care services, please contact us on 01962 774004.