Choosing your new Harlequin swimming pool

At Harlequin, all our new swimming pools are exclusively designed for our clients; for us, there is no such thing as a 'standard' swimming pool. We work closely with you from day one to design a personal swimming pool that complements your lifestyle and blends perfectly into its surroundings. The result is a state of the art private swimming pool designed and built with good old-fashioned attention to detail, and one very satisfied client. That's very important to us, as 80% of our clients come to us via personal recommendations.

For the perfect pool for you and your family call us at Harlequin Swimming Pools on 01962 774004 and we'll guide you through the various options.

Planning Your New Swimming Pool :

When you are considering a new swimming pool for your house, garden or business premises, Harlequin Pools is happy to help guide you through the process from start to finish.

Siting Your New Swimming Pool :

The location of your new pool is crucial. At Harlequin, we come and do a full site appraisal, assessing the right location with regards to your lifestyle requirements as well as the physical requirements. For example, we'll check that your new outdoor swimming pool is located in the sunniest part of your grounds to maximise your enjoyment. Equally, we'll check that your new indoor swimming pool is located with easy access to the right part of your home, and construction won't interfere with existing services such as gas or water mains.

Choosing The Right Size Swimming Pool :

As experienced swimming pool designers, we know that when it comes to swimming pools, bigger isn't always better. Equally, deeper pools are not always better either, as they take more energy to heat. If you're a keen swimmer but have limited space for an indoor pool, for example, the new generation of swim jets (or counter current jets) give you a workout equivalent to swimming lengths, but in a much smaller area.

Swimming Pool Construction: Liner or Concrete? :

At Harlequin Swimming Pools, we offer two proven methods of outdoor swimming pool construction; liner and concrete. Concrete pools can be any shape or size you wish, are extremely robust, and will last for generations to come. Liner pools are built using our block, render and screed method to define the shape, which is then lined with a waterproof membrane. Liner pools are both extremely strong and easy to maintain.

(For more details of our construction methods, see our swimming pool construction Section.)

Your Swimming Pool Heating System :

We are very conscious of the need to conserve energy and utilise 'green' heating methods as much as possible. So, alongside traditional swimming pool heating methods such as gas boilers or oil heating, we offer a range of environmentally friendly options, including air heat pumps, which literally extract heat from the surrounding air.

Automatic Swimming Pool Covers :

There are three very good reasons to have an automatic swimming pool cover installed: safety, energy efficiency and convenience. We specialise in automatic pool cover solutions that keep your pool safely covered when not in use, and cover it automatically at night to retain heat at just the turn of a key. See our swimming pool covers and blankets page for more details.

Planning Permission for Your Swimming Pool :

Swimming pools and associated buildings may be subject to planning permission. At Harlequin Pools, we offer professional advice on the consideration and practical help with your planning application, if required.

New Pools
New Pools


Guide to Swimming Pool Construction with Harlequin Pools

When you choose a new swimming pool from Harlequin Pools, you're getting much more than just a quality swimming pool. You're also talking to experts who have been building swimming pools in Hampshire, and the Surrey, Berkshire and Wiltshire borders, for almost 50 years. What's more, we still look after many of these pools on regular maintenance contracts for our clients. Here are just a few benefits of choosing swimming pool construction from Harlequin:

  • Bespoke service: No two clients are the same, so no two Harlequin swimming pools are the same. We offer a truly bespoke service to design a pool that complements your lifestyle and fits your budget too.

  • No obligation quote: We take time to make sure our quotes cover your requirements and fully account for all the aspects of the project, from first dig to final dip. We are a family firm so we give you time to consider the quote fully; we hate pushy salesmen tactics as much as you.

  • Free professional advice: With Harlequin Pools, you benefit from our years of experience in designing, building and caring for private swimming pools. Our experts will guide you through every aspect of creating a new swimming pool, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Proven pool construction methods: We'll guide you through the relative benefits and costs of traditional concrete pools, GRP fibreglass panel or block and liner methods, to achieve the right pool for your requirements.

  • Elegant pool finishes: ask us how we turn our pools into areas of beauty, from exquisite tile finishes to specialist lighting, landscaping and more. For example we can finish your concrete pool in classical style tile, or large format, natural stone tiles for a truly personal pool.

  • Outdoor landscaping options: At Harlequin, we know our work isn't complete until your new swimming pool surroundings are finished to perfection too. Our landscaping team can create practical and beautiful surroundings for your outdoor pool.

  • Fully guaranteed swimming pools: All of our work is fully guaranteed in line with SPATA guidelines with all our new pools. As an established company we have a complete back-up support team using our own specialised labour. We pride ourselves on our emphasis in after-sales care and long-term customer relations.

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    For more details on our swimming pool construction techniques, call us on 01962 774004.
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